Natalia Info  #9CVB


Name: Natalia

Age: 42

Height: About 5'5"

Weight: About 116 pounds.

Education: University Graduate.

Work: Accountant at a local Firm.

Never married, no children.

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Natalia does not smoke, she will have an occasional glass of wine. OK if you smoke, please only be an occasional drinker.

Natalia lives alone in her own apartment. She does have computer experience, she does not drive.

Born: Minsk

Natalia has traveled to Russia and Ukraine on vacation.

Language skills: Russian, poor English, fair German.

Natalia was referred to us by a current female member and good friend. Natalia has an excellent reputation. Natalia is a beautiful young woman with gray-green eyes and light brown hair. Natalia is very much an old fashion type woman as regards her thinking about the roles men and women play in marriage. Natalia is not afraid to be a real woman. She has an excellent education and job, Natalia understands what it takes to make a living.

Our crew describe Natalia as being a "well-balanced, romantic yet sensible, honest woman. Natalia is a hard worker, she has plenty of energy, Natalia is a delightful woman who gets along well with people. Natalia is not shy, she thinks before she speaks, she is an intelligent person. Natalia is able to show her feelings and inner emotions, she is a touch type, warm person."

Natalia would like to meet a good man from any country for love and marriage. You can be up to about 56 years old, if you have kids that's fine with Natalia. You need to be a calm, touch-type man. Be the type man who wants to give and receive loving attention from your spouse. In other words, be a warm, loving type man.

Natalia is an excellent cook, she enjoys experimenting with new dishes. She also enjoys practicing Eastern Dance, she enjoys reading, especially historical novels and biographies, and she enjoys theatre. She also enjoys travel, fishing, swimming, taking walks, and listening to music.

Our crew asked Natalia our question: Why are you a special person, and why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

Natalia said, "I hope to take my husband to a place where he will always be happy and proud of me, his loving wife!"

Sounds like a great place to me!  :-)

Seriously gentlemen, get involved with Natalia. See what happiness in life really means.


Our Rating:

I will use the 5 categories below, each worth from 1-20 points, 20 being a perfect score. A perfect woman would get a 100 total. A score of 10 in any one category would be average. A total score of 50 would be an "average" woman.

Looks: 17  Sweetly....SEXXY....LOW-KEY SEXXY....I Love that type Woman!  ;-)

Personality: 18  Kind, tender, sweet woman. Natalia easily gets along with people, she is quite a friendly person.

Sense of humor: 17  Excellent sense of humor, not at all a party type.

How good a wife would she make: 20  Natalia will make a great wife for the right man!

How easy would she adjust to life in the West: 20  With understanding and support she would do well.

Total points: 92  Sweet, Good Woman. Natalia is a good woman inside where it counts.

All completely arbitrary, only our opinion.