Elena Info  #94CVB5


Name: Elena

Age: 49

Height: About 5'8"

Weight: About 126 pounds.

Education: Graduate Medical University.

Work: Medical Doctor.

Never married/no children.

Religion: Russian Orthodox.

Elena does not smoke, she only has a glass of wine on special occasions. Please be a non-smoker, and please only be an occasional drinker.

Elena lives with her parents. Her mother Rimma is also a Medical Doctor, her father Valentin works at a local business. Elena does have some computer experience from her career, she does drive.

Born: Vitebsk

Elena has traveled to Germany, Bulgaria and Rumania on vacation.

Language skills: Russian, Basic English.

Elena was referred to us by a current female member and fellow MD. She and her family all have excellent reputations in Vitebsk. Elena is a stunning woman with those gorgeous blue eyes and brown hair. Elena could give me an "examination" anytime, which is good because she could start by re-attaching my head after Nina knocks it off with her fry-pan!   :-)

Elena is an old fashion Vitebsk type woman. She is a very hard worker, she is very responsible, she knows how to live on a budget. You understand, Elena knows how to work for a living.

Our crew in Vitebsk also describe Elena as being "a very intelligent, nice, sweet woman with a very nice sense of humor. Elena is a touch person, she is a reserved type woman, she is a friendly woman with a great personality. Of course, Elena does think before she speaks."

Elena would like to meet a good man from any country for love and marriage. You can be up to about 60 years old. If you have children that's fine, Elena loves children. Please be a touch person, be a leader, have some intelligence, please be taller than Elena.

Elena likes to read, cook, take care of her home, she loves to garden and keep plants, especially Cactus plants in her home, she enjoys theater, and she enjoys visiting museums.

Our crew in Vitebsk asked Elena why she is a special person, and why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

Elena said, "I will be for my future husband his lover, his confidant, his best friend. We can have a life of understanding, love, and joy."

Give Elena a chance to define "joy" in your life. We bet you'll be very glad you did.

Elena is a "world class" woman. If you're a man who needs an intelligent woman at his side, you just found her.


Our Rating:

I will use the 5 categories below, each worth from 1-20 points, 20 being a perfect score. A perfect woman would get a 100 total. A score of 10 in any one category would be average. A total score of 50 would be an "average" woman.

Looks: 16   Stunning woman. Sexy!

Personality: 19   Sweet personality, loving type woman.

Sense of humor: 16   Nice sense of humor.

How good a wife would she make: 20   Wonderful woman for the right man. Intelligent, kind, sweet woman.

How easy would she adjust to life in the West: 20   With understanding and support she would do well. You will enjoy the Hell out of understanding Elena!

Total points: 91aBeautiful Russian Woman, Beautiful Person!

All completely arbitrary, only our opinion.