Elena Info  #86CVB5


Name: Elena

Age: 49

Height: About 5'4"

Weight: About 117 pounds.

Education: Graduate Teaching university, Russian language teacher.

Work: Elena works as a scientific researcher with a museum.

Never married/no children.

Religion: Russian Orthodox.

Elena does not smoke, she only drinks on special occasions. OK if you smoke, please only be a light drinker.

Elena lives with her parents. Her mother Alexandra was an economist, she is now on a pension, her father Ivan is also on a pension from the military. Elena does have some computer experience, she does know how to drive.

Born: Havana, Cuba. Her father was in the military, remember?

Elena has traveled to Chech Republic, Bulgaria and Rumania. She has met western people from her work.

Language skills: Russian.

Elena was referred to us by a current female member. She and her family have excellent reputations in Vitebsk. Elena is a beautiful woman with grey eyes and blonde hair. I love that combination, I think grey eyes are sexy. Elena is an old fashion Vitebsk type woman in her thinking about love and marriage. She is a responsible woman. She is also a very interesting woman. Do you like to watch the Discovery Channel, you know, with all the scientists? Would you like to meet a person like that? Would you like to get married to an interesting person like that? If so, perhaps you're in luck!

Our crew in Vitebsk also describe Elena as being "intelligent yet very sweet, she is a person of culture, she dreams about having her own marriage."

They all like Elena a lot, they like her personality.

Elena would like to meet a good man from any country for love and marriage. You can be up to about 61 years old, if you have children that's fine. Your looks are not important. Be a touch person, be sincere, be a leader. You should also have some clue about cultural type things, or at least have some interest in that.

Elena likes to cook, read, swim, she likes the theater, and she likes listening to music.

Our crew in Vitebsk asked Elena why she is a special person, and why should a man want to spend the rest of his life with you in particular?

Elena thought a moment and said, "I would like to find my special man wherever he lives. I will take care of him, as only I could."

She could "take care" of me anytime, that is, after I get healed-up from Nina's fry-pan! :-)  

Seriously, Elena is a good, intelligent women. She is not shy, but she thinks and listens to people. She is a reasonable, responsible woman who needs that same type man.

If you're serious about finding a lifelong mate with some intelligence, wrapped-up in a beautiful package, your search is over.


Our Rating:

I will use the 5 categories below, each worth from 1-20 points, 20 being a perfect score. A perfect woman would get a 100 total. A score of 10 in any one category would be average. A total score of 50 would be an "average" woman.

Looks: 16   Beautiful, sexy.....wonderful!

Personality: 19.5   Intelligent woman who knows how to listen and interact with people.

Sense of humor: 19   Intelligence and a nice sense of humor. Fun person to spend time with.

How good a wife would she make:  20   Great for the right man. Be a leader, a touch person, be ready to "explore" love.....scientifically of course!

How easy would she adjust to life in the West: 20   With understanding and support she would do well.

Total points: 94.5   Just a wonderful woman. Hey! You could be on the Discovery channel!   :-)

All completely arbitrary, only our opinion.