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A Belarus Bride Too: Russian Women Matchmaking Agency For Men Seeking Their Beautiful Russian Bride. Featuring Personal Service Russian Matchmaking For Men With Beautiful Russian Women Seeking Marriage.

Russian Bride Agency, A Belarus Bride Too, Vitebsk Belarus City Of Love, Small Family Marriage Agency

Find your Beautiful Russian Bride from Belarus with us!

We are your Personal Russian Woman from Belarus Matchmaking Service.

Russian Marriage Agency For Men Searching For Beautiful Russian Women For Marriage.

We have hundreds of beautiful Russian girls, stunning Russian women, adorable Russian ladies who will be excited to meet you to become your Russian bride from Belarus with our help. We can help you find your traditional Russian Woman from Belarus for old fashion Love & Marriage.

We help men from all over the world find the Russian Woman Bride of their Dreams!

    We are located in Minsk & Vitebsk Belarus, and Akron Ohio, USA.       

We are the agency for men who are serious about finding their beautiful Russian bride in Belarus. We also provide support services for you after you have found your Russian woman. Take a look around, see the services we provide. We think you will agree, our agency provides the sensible way for you to find your beautiful Russian bride! 

We are a true Personal Matchmaking Service.
We are not a "Dating Agency."
We help you find your future Russian bride, not a "date."

This search for your Russian bride is one of the most important actions you will ever undertake. We can take our time together, we will make sure your experience, your adventure, is pleasant, rewarding, and successful. This process takes time. Patience is the key here.

We take the stress and intimidation factors out of this process. There are hundreds of sites out there all offering instant access to beautiful Russian women. To be honest, all that is intimidating. You're expected to start a relationship with no help at all? We feel the only way to perform real matchmaking between two people is to know both people involved on a personal level. This is what we call real, old fashion matchmaking.

New technology is great at times, but it has no place in marriage-matchmaking.

That needs to be done on a personal level.

Your membership lasts for life, you are under no time pressures. 

The goal of our agency is this: to make it possible for men to find the Russian woman bride of their dreams. This goal is possible with our help, and your sincere desire to find happiness with a Russian bride. We are concerned about our Russian women and men members we represent. We are concerned about your relationship, we provide our support services to you and your special Russian bride for as long as you want and need. We believe this is the true value of what we do here. 

We only accept female members into our group who have been referred to us by current female members. For a Russian woman to be accepted into our group she must have a job or be a full time student if she is of that age. She must be a good woman in our opinion and in the opinion of the members who referred her to us.

Finally, we must like her as a person.

 We "weed-out" the scammers, the women who are simply looking for a ticket to the West, the "spoiled" women, and the trouble-makers. You can find those Russian women on the "Mega-Sites." Yes, we have some of those type women here in Vitebsk, I guess they are all over the world. We will not represent that type woman. However, there are some really nice, honest, and sincere women here who we classify as the "old fashion" type women. These Russian women from Belarus are a joy to know, they are a refreshing difference from the Western women we are all so sick and tired of. Our Russian women are good, decent women who really want to meet a good and decent man for marriage. If you are a man who wants to find your Russian woman bride of your dreams, you have come to the right place here at our agency. 

If you are sick and tired of "Western" type women, you have come to the right place. We do not offer the "hype" you will find on other sites. We do not have fancy search engines, like the larger "grocery store, Mega-Sites"  have. We do have honest, beautiful, good Russian women looking for a mate who we know personally. If you are serious about finding your perfect Russian bride, take time to look through our Russian women. Yes, this process takes patience. Marriage is a very important step in your life.

Member Endorsement letters. See what our members have to say about us. 



  NEW! Free e-mail and translation for our members! 


Take a look at our Newsletter section. We have the current month and past months Newsletters in the archives. You will find interesting trivia and general B.S. about life in Belarus, and interesting facts about your search for your new Russian bride.

  Warning! This Entire Site Is Politically Incorrect!

Our agency is different from the other agencies you have seen. Every member enjoys our personal service individualized search.

We work with you to make sure you find your perfect match, your Russian bride.

Are you worried about being scammed by women on those "Mega-Sites?" You know, those sites with thousands of Russian women profiles and checkout counters. They can't possibly know who those Russian women really are on their sites. Are you worried about that?

You should be worried. Those women are hunting....For YOU!

  We help take the risk out of your search.

  We help you greatly increase your chances of achieving a successful relationship with your wonderful Russian bride.

Perhaps you have noticed we don't waste lots of time and energy building glitzy web-sites here.

We spend our time working with our members to make sure they find the Russian bride of their dreams. Realistic dreams built on real relationships.

You might be shy, you might be going thru a divorce now or you might already be divorced after a long marriage and feel lost on the dating scene. You might be older than you once were, join the crowd on that, you might feel a bit old fashion.

We will help you!

You Are Welcome Here. We Care About Our Members!

Take a look around our site. We have many sincere, beautiful Russian women who are serious about marriage and family.


When you are ready to change your life for the better, join our membership!

We Are An Exclusive Small Family Membership Only Personal Matchmaking Agency!

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 Our "Belarus Bride Russian Women of the Month" are below: 

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Russian Women

to our past Russian "Women of the Month."


   We have approximately 588 female members represented by our agency. Of those, about 576 are available, they are not writing any member at this time. Please remember, we only allow our female members to write one male member at a time. We do not believe in competition between our male members. Our male members are allowed to write as many of our Russian women as they wish.



Nina Zaytzeff

32 Forest Cove Dr.

Akron, Ohio  44319


Phone: 330.836.0242

Here we are, Nina and Greg. We operate this agency. We are responsible for this site.

We feel any site that does not list the owner's full name, address and phone number, is a site that isn't worth a crap.

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Here's a video of us at The Portage Lakes. We invite all prospective members to visit with us here in Akron Ohio!

We keep a Pontoon Boat up at The Portage Lakes for our members to enjoy.

We'll get to know each other, when you visit in the Summer we'll take you to The Portage Lakes!


Phone: 330-836-0242. If you are interested in joining, send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will call you if you prefer.

Contact us at    if you have any questions or comments.

Copyright (c) 2008 A Belarus Bride, Nina's Introductions Inc. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate in any form.  

Privacy Policy: We guarantee you we will never divulge your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or any personal information to anyone without your permission. We always respect your privacy.  


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